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Life & Leadership Coach

Lighting Your Path to Growth 


Professional Coaching

The Beacon Coach is an ICF-Accredited, Professional Life & Leadership Coach with a strong belief in Personal Empowerment. Personal empowerment is a feeling of strength, confidence and autonomy that enables one to take action without fear of losing their identity. We believe that when a person feels empowered, they are able to be whoever they want to be and accomplish whatever they want to accomplish. Empowerment requires having a deep understanding of who you are in order to instill confidence and autonomy. Once we reach the point of empowerment, our shift in perspective opens a world of new opportunities. 

So what is your “why” for pursuing coaching? Perhaps you are looking for your life’s purpose. Perhaps you already know your purpose but are hitting blocks along the way that keep you stuck. Maybe you are ready to “level-up” to the next version of yourself. Whatever it is you are looking for, The Beacon Coach can help you by working as a trusted partner along your path. Coaching is goal-focused and future-oriented. Let’s work together and discover your 'why'!

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