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Riding the Highs and Lows of Life with Resiliency

Flowers blooming through the cracks of a dried muddy ground.

Recently, I’ve been reading The Illumination Code: 7 Keys to Unlock Your Quantum Intelligence, by Kim Chestney and had a revelation about the highs and lows in life. For context, I’m getting over being sick. And not just some little cold, but a sinus infection that led to bronchitis and after more than two weeks of illness, only now am I finally able to sleep through the night and begin to live a somewhat normal life again. So, of course, the Universe delivered this chapter directly to my doorstep - reminding me that life has highs and lows with a loving message of “have patience, things will be better soon”. And it got me thinking about the highs and lows of life and how important resilience is when going through both.

Resilience is defined by Oxford Languages as “the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties” or “the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape”. That begs the question, “What is my ‘shape’ that I’m going to spring back into?” Here’s the magic. If I’m set to spring back into something after going through the “hard”, what is it that I’m springing back into? 

Who. Am. I.? 

Well, thankfully I’ve done the work (and frankly, still am doing the work) to know who I am. I know my core values, the things at my very core that make me who I am. I know what I’m meant to do in this world, what my purpose is in this life. So once I’m through the “hard” of this illness, I know who I will spring back into when I’m done. And keeping my eyes on that “shape” will help me get through this (albeit short) season in my life. 

It’s easy in these times of “hard” to get sucked up into the negative story I’ve created for myself, or listen to the negative self-talk. And Kim’s book explains exactly why that happens! We align with energetic frequencies, so whatever we’re putting out, we align with and bring back in. Right now,  I’m sick, I feel low energy, my brain isn’t firing on all cylinders, I’m at a very low vibrational frequency right now. The negative self-talk and negative stories all live here in this low vibrational frequency. So low vibe meets low vibe and on and on we go. BUT! I have a choice here. I can choose to remember my true shape, my real form, who I really am in this world and allow time and energy to pull me back up. I can choose to return to the higher energetic frequency which aligns with other high frequency vibrations and allow myself to get swept back up into purpose, joy and happiness. 

Today I will choose to remember who I am, what I bring to this world, and patiently allow my body to catch up and recover. (Side note… sometimes the Universe slows us down for a reason too - encouraging us to find the ‘purpose in the pain’… more on that another time!)

Next time life gets hard and you catch yourself struggling or maybe notice the negative self-talk, remember to use resilience through life's lows. Remember who you are, what you bring to this world, what matters most to you and know that this is just a season. Be patient and kind to yourself.

Do you know who you are? Do you know your core values? Do you know your life’s purpose? As an ICF-certified Professional Coach, I’d love the opportunity to talk through it with you! Set up a FREE 30 minute Chemistry Session with me today to find out if I’m the right coach to help you in this next part of your journey! And remember, life has its highs and lows, without one, the other could not exist. You are meant for greatness in this life. You are whole, creative and resourceful, and you have the power to change your life. I believe in you. 

Contact me today. Email or select a time for a Free Chemistry Session on my calendar! 

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