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How do I find my Life's Purpose?

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I love this question. I love it because it means there is a call, some little nudge inside of you that is begging you to ask so your true purpose can be discovered and brought into the world. Thank you for asking this question and refusing the walk away from it as a “silly idea”. It’s not silly. We all have a purpose. We all have something we are meant to do in this world, and yours might be closer than you even know.

So the short answer is… there really isn’t ONE WAY to find your life’s purpose (at least not that I’ve discovered just yet!). For everyone, our journey to finding our purpose is as unique as the gift we bring to the world. It’s like a fingerprint. Uniquely suited for you. Because you are the only you that exists in this world, and only you can be your truest, most authentic self, and only you can bring your gifts to this world. For some, the path to discovery is a quick journey. Think about the kids who know exactly what they want to do with their lives, and they grow up and do just that! Then there are others of us who have a slower, maybe less direct, journey. (Yep, that includes yours truly!)

I believe the Universe prepares us over time. I believe we take steps to learn skills, or have experiences, or take classes, or meet people, or anything else that will eventually lead us to our purpose. The key is, we must take note, pay attention and be an active participant in our lives. The coolest part is, if we just keep moving where we feel drawn or called, we will learn valuable information leading us to our purpose, and dare I say… have fun doing it!

One exercise we can do is look back and take inventory of our past experiences. Take note of the things we learned that were super cool. Remember experiences that left us feeling fulfilled, moved, empowered, meaningful, etc. What are some activities that you lose time doing? By taking the time to analyze our life to this point, we can begin to see patterns arise that maybe weren’t otherwise apparent. We start connecting the dots between all of these pieces, eventually uncovering our life's purpose. Working with a coach can help you explore, discover and experiment to help answer that call. To bring that “you-ness” to the world that we all deserve to see.

If you’re anything like me, finding your life’s purpose has been a slow but exciting journey and I hope you don’t give up, because truly, you’re the only one who can bring your calling to this world, and the world deserves to see it and see you. If you want to find your own life’s purpose, and have someone join you on this next leg of the journey and hold you accountable along the way, try working with a Professional Coach!

Set up a 30 minute Chemistry Session with me today to find out if I’m the right coach to help you in this next part of your journey! And remember, your journey is as unique as you and your gifts, so don’t give up. I believe in you.

Contact me today. Email or select a time for a $0 Chemistry Session on my calendar!

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