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You Are Not Broken: Embrace Your Wholeness with The Beacon Coach

Updated: Apr 24

I don’t believe in being “broken”. 

Woman looking into a broken mirror

That’s right, I said it! I don’t believe in the idea that a person is broken. I hear so many people say “I guess I’m just broken” or “I must be broken” or “I’ve been broken for a long time”. And I’m here to say, I just don’t believe that to be true. It may help for you to know some of my values and beliefs for this to make sense. I believe everyone is whole. I believe everyone is resourceful. I believe everyone is naturally creative. I believe we were born with everything we’ll ever need already inside of us and as we go through life, we continue to have access to all we need. The idea of being broken goes against the belief that we are always whole. So that, my friends, is why I have to tell you, you are not broken, nor could you ever be broken.

I believe we are all resourceful too. All of the answers to our questions, all of our wants and dreams live inside of us. And we have the ability to access all the information we may need along the way! Not only are we whole, but we are also intelligent beings who can think on their own, and have access to all of the knowledge that ever has existed and ever will exist. We are resourceful and able to find what we need, right when we need it. 

One of the reasons I love being an ICF-accredited coach is that we all live by the mantra: People are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. And when you step into a session with an accredited coach, you get exactly that… an environment where you are treated as naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Not someone who is broken and needs fixing. And not someone who needs us to give you the answers. Because truly, you already have them within you. A great coach will help coax them of you! 

I don’t discount the emotional response of feeling broken, however. I think it’s normal to feel “not right” or “outside of my norm” or “hurt” or maybe even “heartbroken”. The emotional response of “broken” is normal. And I think it's totally natural that we get bumps and bruises along the journey of life, so feeling broken may be a way to describe the disorganization or chaos going through one’s mind, heart or body at any given time. Let me offer a reframe. REMIX!! Instead of being “broken” I think it’s better to say we are “out of alignment”. Often when things feel so wrong, it’s because our life is no longer in alignment with what we believe and value. I talk a lot about Core Values and one of the reasons I think it’s so important to know your values is so you can know when you are living IN alignment with them or OUT of alignment with them. There’s so much power in this perspective shift, because with this new perspective, we no longer feel out of control and broken. We just realize there’s been a shift and we have the power to shift it again. See, doesn’t that feel better?! 

So next time you’re feeling “broken”, try a perspective shift. Circle back to your 2-3 Core Values, take a look at what’s going on around you and ask yourself “How does this situation align with my values? What is out of place? What small change can I make today to get back into alignment?” 

Don’t forget, self-improvement and growth take time. It doesn’t happen overnight and the work is never done. If you want to amplify your transformation and have someone to hold you accountable along the way, try working with a Professional Coach! 

Set up a FREE 30 minute Chemistry Session with me today to find out if I’m the right coach to help you in this next part of your journey! And remember, you’re not broken, you are whole, creative and resourceful, and you have the power to change your life. I believe in you. 

Contact me today. Email or select a time for a Free Chemistry Session on my calendar! 

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